Monday, April 19, 2010

~~ Old or Young~~

 I feel so old.. I went to my favourite FP with a friend.. It was flooded with those young college girls...
Girls falling over each other... getting themselves clicked after every 2 minutes...
Drinking those colorful drinks... Smoking , head banging, cheering for the IPL teams..
All of them Dressed impeccably and gelled up hair ( styled probably..) With those weird nail paints
and head accessories..

And what I did ..? I was standing and drinking beer ( The same ole color) in my friday wear.
and chit chatting ofcourse... and left the place.

Anyway, Karan is off to Madrid for his MBA.. everyone told me that it was going to be tough..
I never gave any thought and I hate to say that they were all so damn RIGHT!... It is indeed quite tough...
I am trying my best to stay tight!.

I have a new baby :) My New Netbook  It is so cool.. and portable.. and stylish..
and looks great!
I also bought a wireless router and have made my place wireless... :)
I feel so advanced technology wise.

I am doing quite a lot of stuff here... I am painting... playing Squash, Gymming etc etc.

Life is good at the moment!
Stay with me on this space..
Catch you all soon!


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