Friday, March 5, 2010

~~ Not Just any other day~~

As I always say .. Its tough to be me.. :) ..
Only someone like me can get depressed after reading the old chat convos..
and quite frankly I didn't even know that you could actually access your old chat convos..

I was so stupid, lame, Naive, believed in the perfect world and the awesome life..
back then ( This was like 6 years ago ..) . I was acting like the Moral Police in every single chat convo..

Anyway I have deleted them .. no more tensions.. ;)

Had a nice day today.. We went to an Orphanage for the CSR activity.
I quite enjoyed myself.. ( pics Later!) . I felt so lucky and privileged after meeting those kids.
They were mostly 7-10 year olds.
They asked such innocent questions ... Some of them called me cute also ;) .

I plan to go there again sometime...
I have started looking out for an NGO where I can volunteer over the weekends.

Nothing much is happening here ... All My friends are on deputation at the moment..
so its pretty much me only here.. No news, no stories,no gossips, no bitching..
Ahh I miss them!

I have a Feeling : It is going to be a good weekend...


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