Thursday, March 25, 2010

~~ Moving On ~~

We meet .. we get close ..
We fight ... we enjoy a round of drinks..
We give tensions.. We bring smiles..
We inspire .. At times we conspire..
In the end we stand by each other and for each other!

Please do not  get confused.. Tomorrow is Karan's last day in the company..
He is moving out for his MBA.. I dont know about him.. but  I am kind of brimming with emotions right now.
Same company, Adjacent buildings , Gym-ming together..

There is so much to say.. I really dont know how it will affect me (I still need to find out how!)as we say in the IT jargon : "Impact Analysis"

I have no work in the office these days... I am taking a big break of 10 days ( yippie).
I will be in Poona. Karan is supposed to fly sometime in the first week of April and I will be there :)

Waiting for the weekend :) . Lots of things planned up ..
Quite Excited..

1 comment:

  1. Hugh...wish emotions were easy to decipher. It's at times ironically surprising how we are unable to decipher our own emotions...

    Have fun! :)