Thursday, March 4, 2010

~~ Lovely Old Days ~~

Well Last Thursday I went to see Parikrama live at Cafe Hard Rock.

I couldn't stop thinking about my college time..
This time I was quietly standing at the back with my bottle of beer and was busy giving way to the others.
I couldn't head-bang even for a minute... I felt so old when I saw the college kids empty handed and making their way to the front to head-bang.

The only people who were head-banging were the college kids and the IT dudes!
Actually I can easily divide the whole crowd into four sections.

1) College Crowd : Energetic, Large Groups, stoned, They had that "Big deal " expression on their face , Loosy Tees , super looosie jeans , Lousy hair... and super funny tshirt quotes.

2) IT Crowd : Enthusiastic, Medium Sized groups, Drunk ( The ones who get high on the complimentary pints) , They had that "Biggest Deal" expression on their face ( As if Parikrama was performing for the last time or something like that), Fitted Tees , Prosperity visible from their tees ( Guys , This is not the Case . IT Junta is not prosperous at all, yet we are the biggest sufferers of the prosperity syndrome.), Balding heads and super lame tshirt quotes

3) Rich guys with super Hot females : Well I spotted some couples.. They were drinking Champagne / wine in the place were everyone else was probably dying of claustrophobia.
They were busy in their own sweet world..

4) People like me : Lost, disappointed ( The show wasn't that good), More disappointed because the Bar was overcrowded. Discussing the dinner plans for most part of the show... having fun at the expense of the IT Crowd ( No offence!)

I miss my pragati maidan , IIT Delhi, Mezz days... Those were some exciting days...

Why the hell did we grow up in the first place !!!!!!!!


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