Sunday, March 21, 2010

~~A Beautiful Sunday~~


It is a beautiful Sunday Morning... :) Woke up early ( By the weekend standards).

Lots of things lined up for today.. Book shopping, Random shopping, coffee@Barista.. etc etc
I have started faric painting.. I am planning to put up the pictures as well ( To show off my work :) )

So In case any one of you is interested.. I am just a mail away.
Had a great time yesterday evening.. Two of my closest friends came over for dinner..
and talking about the dinner .. well I made the Soup,Penne Alla Vodka , Bruschetta and My favorite Banana Bread..

Karan will be off to Spain in another 2-3 Weeks .. The countdown has started.

I am quite disappointed.. Not even a single visitor, No red dots on the Map. I am planning to change the Layout and the template again.
Very soon you will see my revamped blog.

Keep watching this blog!