Sunday, February 21, 2010

~~Old City Charm~~

It is a nice Sunday Evening..
Had a perfect lazy morning and even lazier afternoon.. :)

This weekend was good... Yesterday I went to Secunderabad..
There is a big market, which deals in the computers/ laptops and what not..
(Something like 'Nehru Place' of dilli).

My laptop is acting funny these days ... there is no sound.. Installed/Reinstalled/ etc etc.
Nothing worked :( . The problem is with the chip.. so in short it means .. more money :(.

I checked out a couple of netbooks there and was quite impressed.. I am planning to buy one..

Yeah,So coming back to Secunderabad.. There is something amazing about that place.. Maybe it is the old city charm which is still there or probably the fact that I stay 25 kms away from that place..
There are some old coffee shops selling good south indian food.
It has all the big brand showrooms and the shops selling dress materials ( Reasonably priced).

It also has the Legendary Paradise.. The reputation precedes the name.. The Biryani is awesome..
Another attraction is the Universal Bakery.. I normally go there for their Jam Tarts .. ( yummmy).

There is a famous sweet shop Dadus and then there are n number of sports shops.. selling stuff at a reasonable price..
I just love that place.. There are so many way to kill your time there..
I am going there again the next week.. :) I plan to have my lunch at Nan -king this time ( An old Chinese eating joint) The food is yum...

I love exploring different cities... There was a time when I was pretty new to Hyderabad and used to go to Abids ( Old city) with my backpack ( Containing a water Bottle, Fruits -- They are always handy and I was really high on being fit at that time, random stuff, and old books) every Sunday to enjoy the book bazaar and to buy the new/old books and to sell off my old ones..

I should get back on my exploring mode again!!!!!!!!

I am working tomorrow .. Life sucks...

I wrote four lines...

Dear Lord, Dear Lord..
What is wrong.. what is wrong...?
My life was always happening..
What has this world come to..?
Rahul Mahajan is having more fun than me.. :(

Please dont give me those weird looks ( I will get back into my writing mode again )
See ya soon


  1. I liked the pj poem ending, but sorry to say this i can rhyme better..! :p

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  3. i miss dadus too.. i love the food there!!!