Friday, February 19, 2010

~~ Obviously Obvious ~~~

I am enjoying my alone time.. at the moment :)
and in the process I started thinking about some oxymorons..

These are my own creations/ Views

1) Working from home : I am sure this policy was invented by a project manager . They are the laziest of the lot!! and thats what they do every other day..!!!!
Their Emails are also so predictable

Dear Team,

I will be working from home today.
case of any emergency please reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Your Lazy Manager

2) Busy HR's ( Okay this one is straight out of my friends Facebook status.. he coined the term).
I couldn't stop laughing after reading this one...!!!!!! Their reputation precedes them.

3)Work- Life- Balance : I dont know if it holds good in your profession.. but In the IT Industry
These three things can never happen simultaneously..
When there is Life -- You end up getting screwed in your performance evaluation!!!!
When there is Work -- Self explanatory Period!

4) "The Beautiful Life" : Whoever coined this term was probably drunk...
The only time I feel that my life is beautiful is when 5-6 pegs down.. ( Everything looks and feels beautiful). The moment something goes on the right track the other one derails..

5) Breaking News : Well it is too sad that the term has lost the meaning. Media terms everything as "The Breaking news".
For Instance, Yesterdays Breaking News @ IBN -Live :

Tiger Woods says 'sorry' to wife, fans

I Guess enough for the day!!!!!!!

I should be signing out now...!!!!!!!!


P.S : Listen to the Song "Just like a Star " by Corinne Bailey Rae..
This is my caller tune :), Very soothing, very melodious and laidback..


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