Sunday, February 7, 2010

~~ Lets screw the plan~~

I am Back..
and well it is a miracle post..
I had given up all the chances of me posting again... but then guess what happened???

I saw Michelle's comment... and was quite happy to know that there are people around who still read my blog on and off...

Karan is leaving for Spain for his MBA..This just happened suddenly... It was never in the plan. and I am quite excited about it :).
I know I know.. what you guys are thinking.. Long distance etc etc..
But cmon... You gotta trust the people in your life...

For him the IE MBA was always like "Having That Car" , "Buying that House" .. I cant be so selfish ..
Life is good at the moment... I am clocking almost 5 kms daily in the gym...
enjoying my life..
I realized my true calling today.. I guess Advertising Industry is my true calling :).. Thats where I want to be.. 'O help me Lord!!!! Selling products... Striking the chord with the potential consumers.. Turning Potential Consumers into the " Buyers" .. NOW THats Exciting!!!!!!!

We all have plans... We try to stick to the plan.. and try to make things happen for us.. The process is lifelong.. the moment one plan gets over.. the other one takes the priority..
The cycle is endless.. We always try to make our life meaningful by sticking to our plans..

I am quite fed up with the whole concept of planning my life according to "This " or " That"

I am quite living by the moment these days... This was never in the plan.. things were not supposed to go that way..
But I guess "Screw the Plan"

P.S : I can only think of the three lines... They are being played in my mind again and again and again .. " Its now or never... I just want to live when I am alive... Its my life "


  1. Advertising would also mean dealing with 'SmartyPants" and "In-your-face Admirers" all the time, without cribbing :) Up to it??

  2. I agree...plan life or live life! Planned life ain't much of a lived life...i mean you ought to plan but then you must know what to plan and more so what not to plan! :)