Sunday, November 8, 2009

~~Enjoying The Moment~~

It has been a perfect Sunday so far..

Right now I am just chilling around... saw 2 hours of SATC in the afternoon... skipped lunch ended up having two brownie pieces (Note : Brownies baked by me :) )

I woke up really early today 7:30 AM ( Not bad.. considering it is a Sunday).
Had a great breakfast at Chutneys ..Babai Idlis with White buttery thing on top and some Blackish masala accompanied by awesome Sambhar .... followed by a big cuppa of Filter Coffee..

I saw Ajab prem ...... blah blah blah .. The Movie was quite okay ...

We will watch the match and eat Baked Apple Chicken .. ( Yo!!!).. My love for cooking is growing day by day...

Life is great at the moment :) (Touchwood)


  1. What the!! Get some of those cookies to work! Let others have some satisfied appetites too :D

  2. why didn't you make them when you were here ?? why why why ???

  3. Brownies? Natures perfect food :0)lol
    seriously, anything with chocolate has GOT to be good

  4. Thanks Michelle :)
    Damn right you are :)