Saturday, September 19, 2009

~~Color.. Happiness.. and MORE~~~


After a very long time I logged in today..
Reason : Happiness

The weekend has been fabulous so far... I have had the best liquor (Okay Not so best but what the heck!!!!!!!)

Best clothes all fancy stuff (Cmon I like dressing up!!!)..and danced to the best songs (yeah they were quite fab)

Some Updates from my side:
> Life is good work wise.... something different...
>Enjoying My running days :) (Yeah finally I am running on the right track ;)
>Finished a good novel ( John Le Carre --The spy who came in from the cold)
> I am stocked up with all the magazines ..(Vogue.. femina.. you name it.. I have it)
> Going for the Polo match tomorrow (Yippie I will be a high society Page 3 types :) )
> I will be in Delhi in a weeks time
>I have been running :)
>I will be shopping :)

Thats all from my side..
Apart from my happening life...There is nothing much happening at the moment..

For a change I have nothing to bitch about..
I am feeling so strange..but it is a nice feeling..
Chalo, On this note I will sign off..
Wll be back soooooon!


  1. now u r a part of page 3.. cool..
    i remember u teasing me about it just because i had a pair of jeans that were a little bit on the fancy side :D

  2. Her pic's come in Page3!! Miss Sunshine's certified celebrity now :P

  3. Cmon Deepal... I am not even near you...

    @ Eby : * Blush *