Saturday, July 11, 2009

~~Networking Issues~~~

I deleted my profile from Orkut because my friend list had reached 200+..
I joined facebook... started adding people and now to my surprise there are 100 people on my list..

Frankly I am more comfortable giving my phone number rather than adding someone to my friends list... sounds crazy??? Not really... times are changing people have no time to catch up over a cup of coffee or a 10 minute chit chat... Life is kind of simple now... you go online... check facebook/orkut. You get a list who did what.. for eg
=>who uploaded the pics (when, where, with whom .. everything is mentioned in the comments)
=> who changed their status(single//committed//married//etc etc)
=> Status messages (people normally write very descriptive messages.. the whole story is written instead of the messages.. )
and if that is enough .. you have one more application called "Chat" which shows all the online people from your profile.
The worst part is to ignore the friend requests.. 90 % of the people fall in the weird category...
I guess enough of cribbing here.. i should go and delete my profile :)


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