Friday, May 22, 2009

~~~Girls Girls Girls~~~~

I finally have a topic!!!!

On Friday night I went to my Good Ole Firangi Paani.. Well that place has witnessed some important and some not so important events of my life... 

Be it the future plans ( By Future plans I mean ---The Grand Plans), Bitching about those stupid friends, Resolving fights, Catching up with the Boys, Infinite treats, Enjoying the free drinks during the ladies night, Getting sloshed, Requesting for “Light My fire@ Doors” every single time, Dancing alone ( Yeah I dance every time they play Light My fire..), Dancing with the boys, Discussing viewpoints etc etc..


So the other night, I was there with my girl friends..and it was so much FUN!.

Girls Nights are awesome.. Of course I always knew about it, but on Friday i actually experienced it .. It was good fun, we talked, we sang songs, we bitched about the other girls hahahahah, Talked about the latest fashion J .. Rated the other girls there, got the undivided attention from the other guys... 

Girls are so much fun at times.. They support you, they laugh with you, Listen to you, Give you the detailed

Talking of the girls night reminds me of the latest Nokia ad..  I guess it is a perfect ad for the girls.. I am totally hooked to that ad. 

Anyway, Enough of this.. I might hit some nice place for dinner tonight.. After a hectic week.. I totally need it J

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  1. wow.. bitching abt other girls.. !!!
    i guess i remember quite a few instances where we were awake till the 4 am doing that :D