Monday, February 2, 2009

~~Lights.. Camera .. Action~~

Yes ..!
Finally I can feel the heat... Getting married is a tough job..
I think I can become a wedding planner now :)..
Deciding on the clothes.. Inviting people (I will come to this later).. keeping your cool..
Well for the past few days I have been busy with the wedding invites..
To be frank .. It is a great way of catching up with your friends.. I came in contact with my long lost school and college friends....
It is so funny.. I met or called my friends to invite them to my wedding and we ended up talking about our old crushes .. ole potential boyfriends .. "Good Friends" ... and laughed like crazy...
They were the "right people" in my life then... I/WE moved On!!!!!

I am missing out on all the latest releases.. wanted to see "Luck by Chance" ..
I hope i get to see it by tomorrow... keeping my fingers crossed..
Catch you all later..
Be Good


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