Sunday, December 28, 2008

~~~Winter Chill ~~~~

Finally I am back..
I think I am making my entry in a total wannabe style..
You know... It is year end... I have been absent from the blogging world for the past 6-7 months...
Unintentionally I will end up writing about my highs and lows of 2008...
Then I will end up analyzing them one by one...
then my new year resolutions crap...
Anyway let me give you guys a big news-- I got engaged to Karan ( Finally!) and getting married in February.. The feeling is still in the process of sinking in :)..
I feel so oldddddddddddd :( ( I am just a 25 year old kid man!)..
Writing is on a halt.. It has been ages since I have written anything ... my creativity is dying :( .,.
Shopping is my new hobby these days ..
Let me thank a couple of guys :::
Eby : Dude I love you ( he has booked his tickets :) I have seen the screenshots...
I really appreciate that .. A close friend ditched me... That I cant come alone crap... kind of a thing.. I guess it is time I tell that friend to grow up ).

Hemant: Choclates were lovely... Thanks for being so thoughtful.. :)
Thats all for now...
Thank you Karan for getting me back on the track... :)


  1. ok, so you're a "kid man" ?
    I thought you were a babe.

    Damn, I'l have to stop reading this blog now !!

  2. You are quite early in telling us all you got engaged and getting! ;)

    Hope to read more of your blogs...sOOON...i mean after february!

  3. ...dying creativity and love for shopping - tells a lot about you being getting married ;)
    ongrats!! and also welcome back to the blogosphere.