Thursday, June 26, 2008

~~There is always a sunrise.... Somewhere~~

After a long time I penned down something J

Go through it.. Your  Feedback is always welcome..

I see you jiving down the high street
Laughing and giggling with your entire fleet
Singing that popular radio song
Making fun of all those who couldn't sing along.
Making Moves like a dancer on the ballroom floor,
My poor heart is crying for more
When you look at me and ignore

I like your jamaican skirt..and  mulatto perfume
I like the insanity and your gypsy ways
All in all, Darling, you're the one I want
You are the one i Think of day and night
With the each passing day you are hurting me more and more
You get me down on my knees when you look at me and ignore

You returned my christmas cake
You tore my invitation and danced with jake
You left me hazed and confused
I still want you badly with my full heart
Please look at me and dont ignore.

Nothing much is happening.. Next weekend I am going home..
So kind of really excited about it… LIFE  has been good..

Going to the office on time.. coming back on time.. working out.. What else do you want?? 
A friend of mine.. called me up after a long time..  well according to her she has hit the rock bottom in her life

<![if !supportLists]>1)       <![endif]>Had a breakup with her boyfriend.
<![if !supportLists]>2)       <![endif]>She has gained weight.
<![if !supportLists]>3)       <![endif]>She is rotting in her current life style.
According to her she never gets a chance to see the happy phase of her life..

Well don’t think that there is no happiness left in the world..
     “ There is always a sun-rise somewhere – The grand show is eternal”

You just need to find it.. somewhere around you..

Today I have completed another year of my professional life..
Sometime ago  I stepped into the IT industry… don’t know good/ bad
Lets see..

Will be back with more..


  1. Have fun at home :)

    Smarty Pants asking for trouble... GRRR!!

  2. congratulations on a month of silence...!!

  3. Whoa one helluva post. The poetry was going really good but seems like some truth came in between and excellent poetry. Dunno really but felt that.

    Anyways waiting for some more action