Thursday, June 19, 2008


hehehehhehe well soeur means sister in french...
According to her it sounds like (suar = PIG).. God she is so lame!!!!
well she always cribs that i dont mention her name here.. Hmmmmm there is so much
about her.. and writing here all of it would be really tough..
A sportsman, Self proclaimed Fashion Addict, Creative.. god there is so much !!!!!
Frankly I pity people when they come and tell me that they are not close to their siblings..
or dont feel like spending time with them.. Frankly I have had my best times with my sister..
Ohh no dont want to get emotional right now.... (tch... tch)

P.S : A detailed post on Smart Pants is under construction .. Stay Tuned!!!


  1. huh huh huh huh !!best times ?? !!! where are they ?? write something down you lazy bum !! atleast make up for calling me suar! and i wanna read about the good times too...

    my comment is bigger than your post on ~~soeur~~ huh huh huh huh !!
    yes i'm very demanding !!

  2. Feel the same way as you do about my bro... Only we don't tell each other that! Both of us know the other's always there... Kind of secure in taking each other for granted!

    Smart Pants acted smart with someone I know... Itching to smash him now :P

  3. @ Aditi u r absolutely right!!!