Saturday, June 21, 2008

~~Smartness OverLoaded~~

Is taking Marijuana Cool?

Well I had a conversation with Smarty pants a month ago..I saved it... :)

Smarty Pants [9:35 AM]:s*** am F%$k@#

Shilpi Awasthi [9:35 AM]:what Happened?

Smarty Pants [9:37 AM]:They wnt me to go thru the Drug test
Shilpi Awasthi [9:39 AM]:So thats usual .. and it is mandatory.. whats the big deal.

Smarty Pants [9:39 AM]:What if they get 2 knoe that i tuk .. a month back

Shilpi Awasthi [9:41 AM]:What you took .. a month ago

Smarty Pants [9:41 AM]:MARIJUANA

Shilpi Awasthi [9:42 AM]:Whats the fuss all about.. you took it a month ago..

Smarty Pants [9:42 AM]: What if they detect it.. Ill be Fc#$%!

Shilpi Awasthi [9:44 AM]:Cmon you are a rocker Dude.. does all this matter to you..? ( See Below)
Smarty Pants [9:45 AM]: Yeah thats true.. who cares..

Shilpi Awasthi [9:48 AM]: Party Then!

Smarty Pants [9:51 AM]: Rock and Roll..

Smarty Pants [10:10 AM]: Hey I jst googled.. its effect is thre only 4 30 days.Mine ws 40 days back.
He calls himself a rocker dude.. and thats how he classifies his friends also..Rocker chic and rocker dude.. So psudo of him..
and according to him taking Marijuana is the ultimate thing on this earth...
Life for these kind of people is all about looking cool and different..where as in the reality they are actually very shallow..
(I have seen him licking his managers Feet)..
Thank god I have some really good and genuine friends.. who dont have to fake to look cool.. cause for me they are way cool than smarty pants would ever be..


  1. I remember this! Rocker Dude indeed! He's my style icon!

  2. I remember this too... and yes he indeed is a rocker dude.. yo yo yo yo man!!!.. way to go for this rocker dud(e) !

  3. we want more of smarty pants!!!
    we want more of smarty pants...
    gooooooooooooooooooooo SMARTYYYYY!!!!!