Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~~~General Things~~~

I am very "HAPPY" today. Did a crazy workout :) these crazy workouts are enough to give me a high.. Well crazy workouts are those where after the workout you are nothing but a corpse.. you challenge your limits try out new things..and after the workout you still have that "Can Do More" feeling Intact.. God I just love these days.. Life is Beautiful..
Well No work is there as of now.. so things are calm@ Office.. I am still missing home badly..
Good news is that I am going home in another three weeks...
Three girls of my age( My best Friends... at different stages of life) are getting married in November.. I suddenly feel so old.. I am not even 25!
Well A friend of mine is very happy today .. because his crush read his blog( Cant name him here :( he is kind of superstitious types.. Imagine even I dont know the girls name.. and we have been friends for quite sometime).. and Well Mr Superstitious if you are reading this .. then i hope you are jotting down the action Items (I dont want to discuss things using codes like CF, A.C,S .. Blah blah...)
I am planning a trip to Poona-Mahabaleshwar- Lonavla-Divegear..sometime in August.. with Archana and Deepal .. wow I am so excited :)..
I have to go now.. have an assignment at hand..
Will Update Later..
Ohh I forgot to mention about my yesterdays night out at Mel's place (Her name is too long.. Remember I told you about the new friend that i made .)well it was good really .. Her house is a lil sweet comfy kind of a house.. we spent an hour dissecting her UK Shopping.. Girls are so much fun..



  1. You are so dead Sunshine!!! I'm not superstitious, just that I don't want her figuring out anything, while I muster the courage to tell her what I want to!

    Lot of developments on that front, will update you on that...

    Making this anonymous, but damn you just used the name I use for her! No I don't mind! Hehe!

    Ahhh... Somebody pull the plug on my cowardice! Anyone knows Dr.Hitch?

    She read my blog she read my blog she read my blog :)

  2. night stays and shopping discussions... can life get any better than this. :) :)!! do we love to shop or do we love to shop :) :) :) !!! we indeed love to shop !! come soon we have a lot to shop !! :D

  3. Jeez u got a separate tag for GYM, u r one fitness freak kya??

  4. oye.. august is almost gone n so is our trip.. i was waiting for u to come n three of us wud hav had a ball.. its been soo very long since we met up..