Sunday, June 15, 2008

!!!!Back Again!!!!


I am back finally!!

Reason for my sabbatical : Was just too Lazy to blog..
well finally I got my Internet Connection at home..
Life is still usual or should I say Boring.. There is
nothing happening everything is bland.
tomorrow is office :( .. Something I never look forward to..
This weekend was fun. Karans Brother was in the city
had lots of fun.. Enjoyed like crazy :)
Wining Dining and Shining..:)

I have a new friend :)
Her name is Melonie so will be writing about her also from now on..

It is so nice to make a new friend ... The whole process is just superb.
(I love those "Me Too!" exchange of dialogues).
I am getting into a new project finally.. Work is going to be really hectic..
I dont want to stay in this company anymore.. I want to go back to Delhi and
stay with my family now... Enough of staying alone...It feels sad here...

Okay I do not want to sound sad again..
Will be back later with more updates..

1 comment:

  1. U sound sad already! Net conn at home, eh? Congrats!

    Walmart aint so bad, ul hav fun :P