Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~~Buried Stones~~

I had no intentions of writing this post..

Reason: well sometimes it happens when you dont want to do

anything.. I am also going through that..


My mood pangs are irritating i know...

Many people reminded me of my barren blog.. and I was just kind of acting busy:)

I have become too lazy ..


Today I got a good surprise when a FRiend of mine reminded me of my blog..

I really never expected him to read a single word....

he even told me that he got to know so much about me through my blog..

(well he didnt use the same words.. But i guess he meant that only)


I am bored of life these days... nothing much going on..

Archana has resigned she has joined another big IT company


and we have two new roomies now... I cannot really comment on them right now..


Now some update from my side.. I am going home in July :)

It feels good...


Nothing much is happening work wise... except for the fact that I am getting released...


I was counting the number of female friends that I have now


The total comes out to : 5


The number of female friends in Hyderabad : 0

The number of female friends in delhi : 2

The number of female friends in Bombay/ poona :2

The number of female friends in Blore : 1


Used to have quite a lot of friends.. But I guess things have changed for them..

or rather I changed.. But i dont have any regrets..


people come and people go... Life goes on..


Wrote something for people who are no more a part of my life now..

(It is esp dedicated to my two (ex )friends .. We are not in touch anymore..


Had a bitter showdown with Ms P ( I have written about her earlier also)

Ms (A) well "No Comments" -- Maybe we will meet some day again...



You came in and went out of my life at a rapid speed

Now that it's all said and done we can"t even look in the eye.

I Understand that People come and people go

Everything is a never ending series of change

I have no time to regret.

For I am just going to  rise above and move forward.



I have to live my life

No matter what you did, what you bitched

I am going to live my life this way

Cause I will continue to shine and run the show

People come and people go..



Feeling much better now..

Thanks Yuga for forcing me to write...


Ila -- Thanks for helping me out.. all these days


Guys stay tight I will be regular now here..


Gym Time..



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