Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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It feels good when people look up to you.. When they want to learn something from you..It not only gives you a nice feeling but also helps you to improve your knowledge, brush up your

Skills but also helps you in Coming up with good plans, innovations and it all feels good…

I feel elated when someone comes to me to learn something… It can be any small thing..

Yesterday some girl wanted me to help her out with the workout.. I taught her how to operate

All the machines then showed her the technique to do the floor exercises .. She said thanks

And that made my day J .. In the end both of us were happy.. she by learning a new thing…

And me by sharing something I am good at ( I am I assuming too much ??? )..

I guess my yesterdays post was kind of depressing and pretty long.. But that’s the way of life

(Life moves on..”with or without them”)

Life is usual HERE.. Days are slow and boring…

Gymming is going on good .. running lots and lots these days.. Because of which

I have got sore legs today .. my legs are hurting but still it is a nice feeling J

I don’t think I will be able to come up with the interesting things for my blog..

Cause life is really mechanical , My interaction is very less with the outside world…

I am too much into the world of books these days..

Again some update from my side: I am broke (Nothing new heh!)

More than half of my salary goes in paying my bills..

And there are endless bills … Newspaper, cable, electricity, food (Yes we have a cook)

Etc etc..I don’t even get to splurge my money around.. I hate this..

If you are broke after splurging your money around.. that’s justified..

But cmon.. if you are broke after you pay for your tickets, newspapers, cable, electricity, life insurance, premium BILLS…..Then I guess it IS time to change the JOB!
That pseudo smart dude on my floor is acting super duper smart these days.. I hate such people People like him come to the office at 10:00 am leave at around 10:00 pm.. Come to the office on the weekends also..They have no other friends to go for coffee/ lunch and they end up going with their PM’s or PA’s and not tpo forget that they end up taking Good appraisals.. I don’t understand cant our big guns see that they are inefficient
(They just have one life – Office Life ).. No personal life, No outdoor activities – Loser is the word for them I hate such irritating people.. They make our big guns to expect the same effort from every employee..

Damn! I am cribbing again..
Let me sign off..



  1. hey.. how u doing?? what happened.. no more blogs??? looks like either u too busy or too lazy to write one...

  2. Its the latter Areez! Definitely cannot be the former!