Thursday, April 3, 2008

~~~Time To Kill~~~

i was so bored today in the office..

that i browsed various sites...

I was just looking for some good groups aimed at creative writing

on many sites..


And when i started browsing I realized that 90% of the groups were created for the people

who wish they could write poetry..


Frustrated obviously.. I just did some resarch


I typed useful in google and got 309,000,000 results

I typed usefull in google and got 8,550,000 results

I typed Sex in google and got 663,000,000 results

I typed Fuck in google and got 181,000,000 results

I typed Love in google and got 1,610,000,000 results

( when i got the result for love the first link that was

displayed was


The Love CalculatorCalculates the chance on a successful relationship between two people. - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


Wonder if people believe in all this crap!)


Very soon I will be starting off with the new series ..


My Favourite Spam..

so watch out this space for more




  1. Girl just keep writing don't really care if people are reading or not. Then you really writing for yourself


  2. well every creative writer writes for himself......