Friday, April 11, 2008


Tgif.. Yippie...

I am happy today because tgif.. May be more than happy because it is going to be a long weekend.. Karan has left for his home.. so happy for him also..

Life is good .. I am in a good moood.. want to do plenty of gymming.. No plans as of now for this weekend.. I might end up exploring the city tomorrow :) ..

Half an hour back.. My mouse started playing games with me.. I wasnt able to do the copy paste.. and when i tried cntrl-c cntrl v .. it didnt work either.. I was in a state of panic.. there was a considerable amount of data which I had to copy and then rough updates in some notepad.. Unfinished update emails to the clients and my manager.. for a moment I life stood still..

We software engineers are really worst... If there was a caste system amongst the proffessions I bet we would have been the lowest caste... Reasons:

1) We dont have any creative work.

2) We google even for small things.. We stopped applying logic long time back.

3) We chat a lot on the messengers (Generally)

4) We drink more coffee/ tea than the people working in the govt offices( Reason -- It is for free)

5) We are ready to bitch slap anyone anytime...

6) We abuse our company (our bread and butter)..

I have many reasons in the mind.. will compile them sometiem later..

I have finished reading Sankar'c Chowranghee.. Good book.. here is my review.

Written by best-selling Bengali author Sankar, Chowringhee was published as a novel in 1962. Predating Arthur Hailey’s Hotel by three years, it became an instant hit,
Set in 1950s Calcutta, Chowringhee is a gripping story of the lives of managers, employees and guests at one of Calcutta’s largest hotels, the Shahjahan. Sankar, after losing his job with a barrister gets a job at the Shahjahan Hotel ,The newest recruit recounts the stories of several people whose lives revolve around in the suits, restaurants, bars, cabaret and the staff rooms of the hotel. It is a story narrated through a hotel clerk's eyes, Sankar presents a detailed account of life in the city with forthrightness. As a both narrator and participant in the story, he very smoothly brings out the true character hidden within the various characters and their desires, dreams, callous manipulation and unbidden tragedy.
It is not only a story but a chronicle of the entire city, his rendezvous with the various shades of life. Its larger-than-life characters—the quirky manager Marco Polo, the debonair receptionist Sata Bose, the tragic hostess Karabi Guha, adorable nityahari among others— attained the cult status. With its simple narration and larger than life characters this novel is a good read; it immediately established Chowringhee is a homage to a city and its people.
It is fast paced, Gripping, there are hardly any stretched out moments. At some places vague language is used but that can be ignored easily.

Have a nice weekend... will be back with more updates :)

Have a happy Loong weekend..


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  1. M reading ........Way of the Peaceful Warrior............By Dan Millman....

    its a marvelous book........

    A nice weekend to u too