Sunday, April 13, 2008

~~Sunday Mania~~~


I know the firstreaction ---- how come a post on a Sunday!
well I am in the office..
woke up early .. came to the office for some gymming .. and now at my desk
have to go and meet a friend she is not keeping up very well :( ..
I just opened the Damn these office people have blocked it :(
I hate them for this..

Nothing much new in life.. I explored the city.. did some shopping
came back home.. will again go out somewhere in the evening :)

Karan is enjoying at home... chilling around..

I was reading a blog today..
(No wont type the link) ..
Her blog is only about drinking and her ever so cool lifestyle (staying from the family... blah blah)..
Trust me... staying from your family.. isnt that cool... You have to fight for a lot of things.. I have a roomie (Not Arachana and Deepal) .. She just doesnt care about any damn thing... even if the house is filled with dust she wont do her bit by helping the other people.. I hate this attitude... (This just shows your upbringing thats it !) and on top of it... she extensively helps in keeping the house untidy..
I have a lot more to write about her.. but I guess this is not the right place..

What else is happening ???
Feel like eating mexican after my heavy gymming ..
Will write later..
tomorrow is a Holiday yippie :).



  1. living away from family may not be cool but, sure as hell, is necessary...

  2. Opening in office....ROTFL....
    best place to find a new job...
    the old job....

  3. I'm so glad we never fought when we were roomies.. :)