Friday, April 4, 2008

~~~Life is All that Jazz~~~

Hi all,

Things are all good here... I saw Shebens comment and was really elated J

I like it when people encourage me to write... Not that I am some Shakespeare ..

But generally...

I am going to Bangalore this weekend.. have some work and going to enjoy with friends ..I hope it turns out well..

Archana is working hard for her transfer…. Deepal as usual is working hard for no rhyme

And reason.. and Eby wrote something really flattering for me

You all can check out his blog

He complains that I don’t check out his blog regularly… I am kind of lost these days.. give me sometime

Well something really touched my heart this week…

I am not trying to dramatize anything..

We have started ordering the food from Kishen

(he is a well known guy here.. his food is North Indian, delicious, yummy, Balanced..)

The other day I came back from the office at around 9:00

at around the same time this local boy also came to collect the garbage.

Then suddenly I remembered that there was nothing for breakfast so I threw my stuff around

And went to buy my groceries. I met the boy in the lift he had no slippers on and was in a bad shape!!!!

He had collected some waste food from the second floor and was eating that in the lift..

When I asked him.. why was he eating that food.. he told me that there was no food for that night at his place..

I was kind of shocked for a second not because I have never seen poor people before but because of his simplicity

He was so comfortable with the whole arrangement.

I felt really bad.. I have heard it several times that one should not waste food… I know the reasons also…

But somehow I always used to end up wasting food…

For the first time in my life that night I ate my full meal… without cribbing even for a second..

And frankly speaking I never ever felt so contented…

Life is jazz after all.. It teaches you different things when you expect them the least..

I hope my trip turns out well J

Go through my latest composition:

When you smile .. I smile with you
and the whole world smiles with you
And when you laugh....I feel happy
The sun shines bright on you

When you smile.. Your eyes light up..

It gives me a reason to smile..

The spark in your eyes .. lights up my day

bathed in its warmth, wishing it never goes away

When you are happy.. I feel like singing

And want the whole world to sing my song..

I see the stars.. I see the moon

In its melody so sweet and beautiful

Take me into your arms and smile with me

Comfort me.. laugh with me .. dance with me

Make me smile And smile for me

And the whole world will smile with us..



  1. As they say, a smile a day keeps all the sorrows away.....

    Whats the update in Mr. Smart Pants?

  2. I did not use an accusatory tone when I said "u don't check my blog!! MY blog is best left unchecked!

    and the link is

    To ppl who read it: Its all false, she made me write tht at gunpoint...

  3. Well some ppl need motivitation to write blogs.......for some its love, screwed up PM and at times Gunpoint......

    Don't worry u r not the first one who had to risk life to write something...

  4. 5 comments Shilpi, that's a first!! :)

    I'v risked loads too, u'v read tht... CSA and a couple others too!

  5. well well well....

    dude u call that risking?

  6. on my side of the world, yes

  7. Keep smiling! :)))