Tuesday, April 8, 2008

~~Life In General~~


First things first:

I am not able to reply to the comments .. I could only read the comments..

So let me reply here..

Black pearl: I remember reading your comments earlier also…

If you don’t mind then please Disclose your identity…

It was nice reading your comments…

Stay with us on this space…

Eby: I know you are here to stay on this space..

(I am not taking you for granted .. it is just my confidence)

And I love reading your blog J that’s the first thing that I did after

Coming back J .. Get well soon.. I hope you have been eating well..

Bangalore was awesome… I loved it J .. well I am not talking about the MG Road, brigade road etc etc

But the places around the city.. we hired a car and zoomed around it was good fun… checked out a few

Waterfalls.. there is so much of greenery I was amazed to see that..

People wave at you when you traverse around in their village… unlike in Hyderabad where no one bothers..

Traffic was just too much.. it got on to my nerves…

We went for Go Karting which was really good .. J

We checked out few good places also ..

13th floor…(the view was breathtaking.. you could see the whole city from the thirteenth floor .. good crowd and some really good music)

We went to the cafĂ© hard rock also … Good interiors .. souvenirs’ from the Music legends was right there on the display..

Did a lil bit of shopping as well.. How can I stay away from it after all..

I think we should have regular trips like these…

Keeps your mind balanced… J

Next weekend is again a long weekend .. does life get better than this?

A very good friend of mine sent me a friend request on Orkut…

It was nice catching up with him through scraps..

I want to write some more… something about my friends(or should I say people who used to be my very good friends

And now sms or say hii.. only when they have some work to get done…or money etc etc).

I am so irritated with this attitude… and the worst part I cannot mention names… (at least I would have been able

To take out my frustration…)

Good part : I know another 2-3 years down the line… they won’t matter to me…

Bad Part: till then I have to live with this glitch…

I totally forgot to write about Mr Smarty Pants:

He met me in the Food Court one day..

Smarty Pants: Hey ! how are you? Long time ..

Me: Indeed !

Smarty Pants: so how’s Firangi Paani doing? (I don’t know why he is so obsessed with FIrangi paaani)

Me : Good (I was giving him close ended answers)

Smarty Pants: I got released from the project .. I have lots of time to kill.. I have heard that you are also getting released

Good we can catch up on all the movies…

Me : As of now I am not getting released.. will keep you updated..

Smarty Pants: What is this man.. they were forcing me to go to onsite.. but my passport has a problem

I am a team lead now and it is cool.

( Out of curiosity I confirmed it with someone from his team….. obviously whatever he told me was pure bullshit)

Me : That’s cool… lucky you!

Smarty Pants : My weekend was awesome… me and my roomies took a joint.. and then beer and rum… sexy it was…

Then I did a shopping of 10,000 rs…

(Mind you I never asked for all this)

Me : Good good..

Smarty Pants : You know any tattoo shops here?

Me : No

Smarty Pants: F**k man there are no shops here… life is dull here… I want to get some piercings and tattoes..

(Suddenly My phone started ringing .. it was Karan’s call J )

Me: Hey Smarty Pants(of course I took his name).. Karan is calling me… gotta go.. bye.

And I ran off…


I guess it has become a huge post…

Will catch up later.. with photos..



  1. Shopping for 10000 rs........

    Thats something..........

    I need a long weekend too.........boo to my Company n Project

  2. Thin Line between taking for granted and confidence! Don't worry, aint cribbing :)

    And if u wana post the entire sordid story about any1, do wht i did... I narrated the entire story, ryt!

    Pseudonyms work!

  3. hmm... tattoos and piercings.... are u sure u didnt ask him for details abt all this [:P]

  4. ^^Thats what I wanted to say.......