Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~~I Walk The Line~~

I don’t know how this post will turn out.. and if there are any mistakes please excuse me. I am using the email facility of blogger

Since the blogger is blocked again(Damn!).


I know I am putting this post after a long time.. well frankly speaking I wanted a break from this lil world on the blogspot..

And reason why I wanted a break :  Just Like that!


Life is good.. I am finally getting released from this crappy application..Hope there is something good stored for the future..


There is a drastic change in my lifestyle these days.. There are many things that I have incorporated in my lifestyle these days


1)      I wake up by 6:30 am hit kitchen and make breakfast for myself( These days it is just Mango Shake).. But trust me that heavy feeling

That I get after drinking one full glass of shake is simply awesome.


2)      I go to the office at 8:00 .. It feels good to be in the office early. These days it feels even better because  I know that there is no illiterate dumb manager

Waiting .. there in on site to take out her frustration on me in the morning call J


3)      I eat three times in a day  and the very thought that I am eating a balanced meal does wonder to my mood

4)      My gymming is still going strong.. The very thought of running 4/5 kms gives me happiness J … These days I run 4/5 km easily.

5)      On weekends I wake up early and work out .. It feels good J

6)      Going on a short walk on Saturdays/ Sundays with karan when I know that there is an ice cream waiting for me makes me happy J

7)      Finishing novels on time… reading 30-40 pages every day before sleeping makes me happy.


There are many more other things .. maybe some other time..


Today I just wanted to share my good mood.. will write a detailed post soon.




  1. I'm deprived of the gym here and you are going strong! GRRRR!! The least you can do is get breakfast for me everyday... Mango Shake will do!

    And I know how soon your detailed post will come ;)

  2. Hey Girl

    I know life has to be planned out but a BIT. From what i read seems like you have jotted down everything that you would do in a day.

    plan a few things and and leave the rest....

  3. If not anything else, you balanced diet sounds inspiring..to say the least :D