Wednesday, April 9, 2008

~~ Bitchy Mood~~

Life is Good Good Good…

First Things first:

Black Pearl : Identity?

Eby : Why are you so lost J

Life is good… Chilled out.. Not much work. Transition is going on..

I am finally getting released from this crap J Feels good…

But I seriously feel bad for the people who will be replacing me..

Only because of my manager.. Trust me I have never seen a manager like her

So pathetic .. so disgusting… there is not even a single person here who admires her

They all hate her.. She doesn’t know how to talk properly she shouts ..

I will certainly give her a good doze before leaving..

She needs to realize that we are working for the same company and I am not working for her.

Anyway some more updates from my Crappy project:

There are 2 self proclaimed pseudo Smart and happening guys

They think that they are way to cool…

There is a very thin line between the self confidence and the over confidence

I guess they have crossed it..

I did some R and D today. And found out that this the watch that I want

Esprit à silver Karma

I couldn’t find it here anywhere .. this model is not available anymore in India L

So if you guys are really happy with me.. and want to gift me something.. you have got the right idea J

More updates Later



  1. I don't have a map, that's y!!

    PJ Alert! sorry!!

    Aint lost budd!!!

    Anyway looks like Blogger's unblocked finally!! Am leaving this comment from office!

  2. Ask those self Proclaimed etc etc guyz to hit on your PM........

    I mean flirtly hit on her....

    Identity: I am me....
    age: can't tell for obv rEASONS::::
    Location: I think your have a visitor tracker on your u know it already
    N if u want me not to comment, then just lemme know......

    P.s: Me not a psycho no worries

  3. Shilpi tht's the best idea ever... Fire cuts Fire!!! perfect!!! Just like u! Persuade the guys to hit on her... Since there are 2 of them, her ego will be assuaged too!!

    Black Pearl man, we were jus curious about who u were, chill!

  4. sdfaasdfzXCZxasce

  5. No issues Black pearl.. I am okay with it!

  6. No issues! Spoken like a true Software Engineer!!

    BTW, y did u change the subject???

  7. So did u give it back to the mgr???

  8. I miss your comments ... Guys..
    and it is not a lame attempt to increase the traffic ;)