Friday, March 7, 2008


Thank God it is Friday!
I so dont want to work.. After a restless sleep last night
this is what i exactly wanted..
Some days you just want to pretend that you are working!!!

last night i really tried hard connecting laptop to my mobile
After hours of trying I just gave up.. but the good news is that
I can conncet my mobile to the internet and have downloaded the
mobile versions of the opera/ Gtalk/gmail and ofcourse
the good ole blogger.. and the credit goes to Hemant for helping me

I have a project party 3:30 pm onwards.. will be going for Go Karting,
pool, snooker, cricket etc etc
Will be home by 9:00 pm..
Karan and Inc are throwing a party tonight... have to make it over there.
By the way.. for all you guys who read my previous posts and my encounter with
"Mr Smarty Pants" .. I have an update.. Will write it all later!!!
as Karan always says.. "All in the Good Times"..

I am so waiting for Deepal to come...It has been quite
Archana's transfer got delayed by 1 or two weeks.. well If i keep my
bitchy Intentions aside... Then I really hope she gets her transfer on time..

(Bitchy Intentions : Obviously happy.. cause i will get more time with her)

It has been quite sometime since I have written about my gymming.. well it is
absolutely rocking!.. I ran for 3.50 kms on Wednesday and did 5 kms of cross trainer
and after wearing High heels yesterday (Formals Monday to Thursday :( )
My shin just couldnt stand .. Pain was too much to handle..
so thinking of taking a break and will head to the gym tomorrow...

I am going for a Parikrama show tommorow :) .. After a loong time..
Life is taking a 180 Degree turn.. These days I have been doing things
which I enjoy doing...
Gymming :)
(I love gymming.. and i dont stop it because of any reason.. it is just that I am toooo lazy at times.. and it used become a forced activity on my schedule..
But now.. I like going to the gym.. I wait for 5:00 pm.. okay not exactly 5:00 )

Exploring New Places.. I love going to the less commercialized places..
There are many advantages... the result is unpredictable, less crowded,
less polluted.. Natural beauty at its best...

Reading: Yes I have been reading quite a lot of stuff lately..
and i like that: )
and a lot many things...

Timeout guys!!!!
Will update you soon..
Hopefully from my personal (paid ) internet connection..
Keep waiting!


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