Friday, March 28, 2008

~~of sickness and good health~~

Frankly i had it all worked out.... I did not go to the office for three days because of this damn viral fever and cough ... Whatever i wanted to update in my blog ... I wrote it all down... But today somehow the things have changed ... I do not want to write about those things anymore ... I dont know why ... But thats the truth... First of all i wanted to change that poll .. Which has been sitting on my blog for quite sometime now... I know its very irritating to see the same ( closed ) poll again and again ... A very good friend of mine has been diagnosed with tb... Do not want to name him.... it is just one more thing for him... I know all that .... We all went out to firangi pani on saturday ..- what a way to get back into the world again... A nice outing with nice people .... It was nice change from what i have been going through for the past one week... (lots of pain ).. Life is cool these days... Pretty relaxed and comfortable ... I am going to bangalore this weekend ... Yippie ..-it is fun exploring different places... I am in the bus right now... Will be back with more updates.. Ciao.

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  1. "it is just one more thing for him... I know all that ...."

    din undstnd tht part!