Saturday, March 22, 2008

~~ Been there Done That~~

Hi ... Sorry for the lack of updates. I can explain my absence ... Blogspot is blocked in my office :-( ... Have been working extra hard lately ... So did not have any time to access internet after the office ... Life has been good... My stupid pm is damn pissed off with me.. Frankly speaking i am least bothered .... All these things do not matter to me.. I guess i am at a level now where all these trivial things are unimportant... My mind is balanced enough to let go of such stupid matters or rather stupid people ... All my life i have believed in only one thing "whatever goes from you comes back to you" so maybe she will also be at the firing end one day without any reason... What else? Eby is absconding these days ... Only god knows ? He doesn't come on the messenger ... His phone is off ... And doesn't reply to any of the mails .. Hope he is doing fine... Archana is in mumbai recovering from the chicken pox ... Deepal is also doing fine... Frankly there are two secrets which i want to mention in my post ... But she will kill me... Hemant is finally on a vacation after his hectic schedule .... Karan is also doing good :-) ... Nothing much in life .... Well something is going on but i really do not want to discuss at this point... Its too early.. So let the right time come ... Will be back with more updates .... Ciao...


  1. Aint absconding budd!! n cel's workin fine (hopefully!)... hav been having few med troubles! nothin much! Hyd Creative bears witness to my existence anyway!