Tuesday, February 5, 2008

~~Money For Nothing and .... ~~~

Hi aLL...

Well the midnight celebrations did happen :)
Karan gave me a good surprise with a Huge Cake ... and I did cut the cake..and got gifts also (yippie)...
Yay Next to next weekend I will be home!!!! :)

I am really broke this month .. what ? Hard to believe??
I know I am a big show Off.. Our broker all of sudden asked for some
extra advance (As he couldnt raise the rent.. afterall we have been living in that
flat for the past 1.5 years )...
So all the planning went for a toss..Sometimes I really feel that I am still in the college..(Living on my pocket Money)2 I have set the option of autodebit in my account.. so whatever salary that comes.. some amount gets deducted and goes to my investments(Thats how I pay my premium every month)..rest of the amount goes in the phone bills/ electricity bills/ credit card bills/ cable bill... etc etc...

Well not a major problem... though since I am going home..
Only negative part is that I wont be able to Shop for the things that I get in Delhi only.. Anyway Life Still moves On...

My visa didnt get initiated in the second round..
Now waiting for the third round... (Hope I get lucky this time)..
I get scared because of this whole Visa thing at times.. I really dont want to get obsessed with this whole US onsite thing..
I do have strong reasons to go there..(but dont it to be the primary focus of my life).

I was reading the Alchemist(E-Book) .. The old man tells him. "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Then why the hell do we change our mind... or give second thoughts to our wants or desires especially when we are so close to achieving them.. (Dont freak out.. I will not relate this to any sob story or any of my recent personal experience)..

Was just reading the book and wondering.. Cause it has happened a couple of times with me.. Just wanted to know if there are others like me??

I will get back to my work...
Oops forgot to tell you... I am Happy Today!
Stay Good!

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  1. u din notice it either!!! the line of the old man; "when you want something, all universe conspires in helping you achieve this"; was used in OSO... "Jab tum kisi cheez ko chaaho, aur dil se chaaho, toh poori kayanat use tumse milaane mein jut jaati hai!!"
    I rmmbrd reading this wen i was watching OSO!

    Useless observation, but hell, who cares!:)