Friday, February 8, 2008

~~Idiot Box~~

I sometimes wonder why I spend so much time following "American Idol" and "Roadies". Well Frankly speaking I have no answer to that one, but still somehow it makes some sense to me , of course "Roadies" is the most-watched show these days.With Each new season there comes more excitement, More publicity and not to forget More AD's.But sometimes these shows are way too predictable ... I know what will happen in the future sut still I just Cant stay away.

Well I am a big fan of these shows maybe because of the "auditions" which are involved . In the spirit of showcasing the talent/ becoming a superstar,Thousands of people line up outside the venues where auditions are held, hoping for a chance to perform before the Judges,

Frankly speaking I enjoy those wierd characters on the show...
esp when Judges get acerbic..(Call me a sadist)..

One thing is for sure... all these auditions are well scripted... and maybe those
wierdos get paid to come on the TV..

Anyway.. My office time is almost over.. but have to sit late :(
extraaaaa work.. Thinking of going to the gym.. and then hitting the desk again..
I am so happy today is friday!
Have booked tickets for two movies tomm.. Mithiya and some horror movie "1408"..
Things are okay right now... Nothing much happening..

Will Update once I am back from the gym..


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