Sunday, February 17, 2008

~~Flights.. Delhi.. Shopping~~


I am finally back home...
Friday was really a tiring day...
I sometimes really wonder why i dont get a window seat in the flight..
Till this date I have never got a seat by the window. ..
and my flights have always been a boring experience..

Coz in the flight journeys I have always travelled alone...It becomes a torture for shut my mouth for straight 2 hours.. This flight was in particular very boring

Reason # 1 : Flight got delayed by 1 hour
Reason # 2 : People who were sitting around me were clearly not interested in anything else apart from reading the novel that they were carrying...
Reason # 3 : I cant read during the journeys..

And when I finally landed in Delhi My dad got stuck somewhere so I had to wait for another hour for him to pick me up.. which was again a royal pain..
Trust me in times like these your luck runs out.. I just wanted my luggage to come at last in the luggage rail .. waiting for my luggage would have helped me in killing some time... but as usual I ran out of luck.. and my luggage was at number 2
so in the end i had to stand and wait for my dad to come...
I must have seen more than 1000 faces.. and every face looked familiar.. I finally reached home at 11:30..

Delhi is chilling right now... wonderful weather... excellent feeling..
Roads are simply awesome... they are so huge... and man i love those flyovers...
I am getting all nostalgic..(tch tch..)
So from tommorow starts my shopping mission.. have to shops lots and lots... :)
Lets see how my week goes..



  1. hey visa's been initiated for some frnds of mine (ur batch)... chk urs... if its initiated, get sum1 to fill in ur JD n stuff... else this wud be an excuse for them to directly invalidate it...

  2. hello... i thought u were not goin to shop... anywyas hows u doing?? weather here is extremely cold...

  3. The next time u interested in a window seat, just ask for it while picking up ur boarding pass.. duh..


  4. NIcky Boy..

    Thanks for your brilliant advice..
    I would not have known about it otherwise...

    Thing is I am always late(Blame it on the traffic!) ..