Friday, February 29, 2008

~~A fishy Affair~~

Hi All,

Life is kind of topsy turvy..
My two fish died and that is really sad. It is because of the water I suppose. Deepal told me that people are supposed to flush their dead fish. I wasn't aware of this and I have never had any fish-pet before. It was really a nice feeling all these days. I always had that excitement of coming back from work, opening the door, throwing my purse and running straight to my see my two babies..

I am thinking of getting two more fish. If this was not enough my US visa initiation was also revoked. Some office bullshit again. I will have to ask for Europe now. This didnt come as a surprise though. Archana's transfer is also fixed and she will leave Hyderabad soon for Poona.
This is bad. Areez left for Onsite last week.. I hope he gets to stay there for a while.

I am going on a bike ride tomorrow and at least  have something to look forward to. I will of course soon write about my experience.

I am really bored right now and dont want to work.. Cause it is "TGIF"..
A self proclaimed Smart Dude just pinged me on the messenger.. The thing is this smarty pants thinks too much of himself:
(I Have changed his name... I am damn famous you see!!!!)

Smarty [6:22 PM]: Heya.....
Me [6:22 PM]: Hey!
Smarty[6:23 PM]: I saw you 2-3 weeks back @ Firangi Paani.
What were you doing there?

Me[6:25 PM]: You saw me there?.. Well I was playing football..

Smarty[6:26 PM]:cmon yaaaar .. I meant how come you went there.
Smarty[6:27 PM]: You never told me that you like pubbing.
Smarty[6:28 PM]: So how have you been?

Me[6:30 PM]: Good .. Real Good.
Smarty[6:30 PM]: So what plans for tonight? wanna party with me?
and dont worry I am a decent guy. You delhi girls are tooo much
Me[6:31 PM]: No one can question your decency but I have plans with my boyfriend..

Smarty[6:33 PM]: Okay chal no problem.. some other time.. have fun bye

Me[6:34 PM] : BYE

Smarty[6:36 PM]: Listen are you free for coffee? we can roam around in the campus and maybe we will sit in the amphitheatre for sometime.
Me[6:40 PM] : Catch you some other time.

I have blocked Mr Smarty Pants.. (I like doing that. It gives me a  lot of sadistic pleasure).
He is the same guy who used to impress girls by telling them about his rave parties
etc etc...

Okay guys Timeout!
I have to go and hope you enjoy your weekend..


  1. hope the lottery goes in my favour this yr! else i'l hav to ask for Europe too...

  2. hmmm Mr Smarty Pants.. how come i havent heard abt him..
    i think its time for our bitching session to occur soon!!!

  3. i dont believe this.. you threw ur babies in the dustbin :O:O:O
    how could you... i thought they were ur babies.... and u just threw them in the garbage.. atleast u should have given them a proper burial. :P

  4. I did not know that you are supposed to flush them.. i did so for my Mirinda..