Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~~Diamond JUbilee~~

Century!!!!!!!! (My 100th Post)....

Hold On There is one more good news
My baby turned 1 (*Smiling*)..
(Duh I am still Unmarried)
(Still Confused?)

Okay Okay-- Well My blog turned one :)
Not bad.. 100 posts in one year
approximately one in every 3-4 days
(Considering the fact that half of the time I was fighting with my QLC or the other issues)..

My gymming is back on the track(Hope it stays that way!)..
Yippie I am going home on Friday :) I have so many plans ...

It has been raining Cats and Dogs here ... it is so freaky..
I hate rain when it disrupts the normal lifestyle...
My heavy gymming workouts are back...
I have been working out pretty seriously... I hope it continues..
Archana is back in hyderabad.. Finally!!!!
(**some relief to me **)...

Have nothing to write... Will write something soon..


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