Tuesday, February 26, 2008

~~Back with a Bang~~


I am finally back from vacation.. Had no time to update my blog ..
Life was hectic for the past two days.. I had to complete 5 days of pending work
in 2 days..

I am already missing delhi.. There are so many things that I am going to miss

1) Delhi Roads --- Big Wide beautiful roads.. now they have a huge expressway -32 lanes .. and trust me it is simply beautiful.

2) Chaaat --- Had a gala time in Delhi eating chaat... it is just toooo yummy..
A thought -- Roadside chaaat is 100 times better than what you get in those high profile shops where they use mineral water to prepare it..

3)Shopping --- Well Delhi = "Shoppers Heaven " .. Imagine there is a mall.. which 2 kms loooooong... Shopping + working out combined into one...

4) Family --- Ofcourse will miss my family...

5) Friends -- Dont have many friends left there now..(Everyone has moved out in search of the better career prospects .. cmon delhi is not the place to be for the IT People...)

Hey Karan gifted me an aquarium :) ..
it is simply wow .. have two goldfishes in it.. I wasted no time in naming them
one is : Goldspot and the second one is Mirinda ...
they are so cute ...watching them gives me pure unadultrated Joy...
So many things have happened over the past 10 days.. will take out some time and
write about them..
Will be back with more updates..



  1. I wonder if GoldSpot would taste better or Mirinda....:)

  2. hey areez.. now since both gold spot n mirinda r dead u can taste them :)

    shilpi plz dont kill me for saying that