Friday, January 18, 2008


I know it has been quite sometime since I have posted here..
Actually I just got tired of writing my routine ( Trust me I would like to forget these past few days).

I was working on a self composition...

please give it a read:

I wont say that i have no connection at all with what I have written..
It is not dedicated to anyone... :)

I want to cut myself to bleed
to feel the soul inside me.
To Make sure that I am still the same girl
It has been so long

I sit alone with the wind swirling
I see my reflection in the glass,
Felt sorry for the state that I am in
No one knows how I feel, what I've felt
or if i felt at all.

I lost myself along the way..
thats what they have to say
first the sparkle in my eyes went away
then they blamed me for the
cheerful winds that went through a lull

I was always bright and high
A bright visage, a radiance in my smile...
Went unnoticed in the crowded pile
So please,open your eyes clear the mist
let the phoenix rise again , bringing in the light

Nothing much going on...
I saw the American Idol season 7 yesterday...
I really wonder if people are actually so weird or do they get paid to act weird (Whatever it is.. it surely works for them)..
so many faggy acts in the show..I just cant believe it!
I think it is becoming "American Idles" ...
Will keep you updated about this show... (I am starting a new tag ..."American Idle").

Deepal is getting transferred to some other location now from Poona ..
Girl is fighting real hard to stay in Poona.. (All the best!).

Today is Friday and for a change I have no excitement.. (I know strange!)
My lil sister.. is not well :( Hope she gets well I go dull every time I see her in pain....
I got my tickets booked.. I am flying to Delhi on 15th feb.. on a 10 day vacation
(I know that sounds good).. I am pretty scared this time ... There is a lot at stake.

It is my Birthday on 1st feb.. haven't planned out anything as such (No enthusiasm also for that)..
will just go for a quiet lunch and dinner...

For the past three days I have been watching the Rocky Series...
Man I love Sylvester Stallone.. tonight I will be watching Rocky 5 :)
one of my friend got a call from SCMHRD ( No I don't want to name him I am kind of superstitious at times).I want to buy something for him.. maybe a good shirt or something (lucky charm thats it !) I told him about this he plainly said NO.I hope I am able to convince him.

I hope the weekend goes well... Going for Areez's birthday treat tomorrow..
after that bowling and ice hockey!!!
Have to catch up on many things... I have to finish Catch 22 also

You guys be good and enjoy your weekend....

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