Thursday, January 31, 2008

~~One step AheaD~~~

Just thought of giving a raid update before leaving...
(YAY!!!! my shift is over.. I am gonna go home !!!!)

Tommorow I am on a leave... yippie..
well I dont think there are any midnight celebrations...
nothing fishy going on!(I can relax!)
Midnight cake cutting gives me jitters..
But since Archana and Deepal are not there..
Karan is also not midnight celebration types.. I should not suspect anyone..

The only Danger is from Areez.. I made him cut the cake at midnight along with archana... so He might take out his revenge..
But considering the fact that i am going home at 3:00 pm... and not going anywhere in the eve.. so dont think they can plan anything.(Gives me such a good feeling!
I feel so superior... I am one step ahead)

Till now nothing is finalised lets.. see what i end up doing tommorow..
I am gonna be 24 tommorow :( ...

Catch ya later guys...
Atleast leave your comments.. you know How much i like reading them.



  1. So how was the surprise???

  2. 1st of all, thanks for add me as a friend.

    This's going to be a very nice blog in the future. But, you must change the template of the blog.

    see U !

  3. Hi!

    Well I dont have a Gmail ID so thats why leaving an anonymous comment.. It wont be difficult to recognize me..
    **Big Black Magical Eyes...(Does That Ring a Bell?)

    Well I got this link from Ritika..
    Please dont delete it this time. I luv your poetry and enjoy reading your blog.
    and cmon dont be that same girl who used to hate birthdays. It is nice to know that you have someone special in your life, I hope you enjoyed your day with him.

    Belated Happy Birthday.
    Do write me an email whenever you have time.
    Take care of your health.