Sunday, January 27, 2008

~O' Sunshine Fall on Me~

hey all...

Well I am still not 100 % fit but yeah definitely feeling better...
I still have fever .. cough and cold.. but atleast I am not feeling immobile.
I Finally saw Rambo 1V .. people were calling it a gore fest... But I
kind of liked it ...
On Saturday after the movie I went out with Eby for his shopping...
(It is a big pain to shop with guys... they look at the minutest details...
girls are quite adjusting in this regard..)

Karan enjoyed his weekend in Poona... with the other boys...

Someone I know just pinged me 2-3 minutes back..(I had deleted her from my friends list long time back)...
So I Instantly knew that she wanted some favour or something.. and I was right!!!!!
The only pissing off part was to go through those fake hii's and hello's and project regarding talks for 15 minutes.. (Man it pisses me off.. why dont people understand.. you dont have to act like a friend all of a sudden just because you want something from someone..) and then when she thought that she got me talking...
she mentioned her real motive .. she is starting a new business along with her Job (She is also 24!!! people are so business minded). Basically she will be selling the handicrafts and dress pieces in the office (Which is illegal... I think so... doing a business in the office).
She wanted me to buy the salwar suits and when I told her that I wear only western formals...(Yes our company has formal dress code Mon thru Thursday:( ).
Then she started convincing me to buy the Handicraft stuff from her..
And when I told her that I am sharing my appt with other people and really dont need to decorate the appartment ..Then her reaction was to buy something for my Darjeeling house ... (I am not connected to Darjeeling in anyway)...
And then I reminded her that I am from Delhi..
(By the way she is the same girl... who was with me when I was in Mysore... and wanted me to get some sweets from delhi for her).. People do have a short term memory....

What else???
I did lotsa shopping over the weekend.(My determination took over my illness).

Just wrote down four lines :

O' Sunshine fall on me..
Take away my pain.. Set me free..
I want to go down the streets and see the carnival..
spread my arms n fly like the seagull

I hope in this spirit I get well soooon!!!!
Enjoy your day...



  1. sum1 expects me to wear a pink-n-gold sherwani, which happens to be so oversized, it completely eliminates the need for pajamas!! aint gonna happen!!!! :D
    Guys are very particular about what they want, atleast I am!!! Sorry!
    I think i'l just wear one of my kurtas! or get a new one!

  2. Okay!!! Enough stop taunting me...
    by the way .. that sherwani wasnt pink but maroon.

  3. Thank u ;-) you should look at that emo boy one over this blog:

  4. I am assured, that you are not right.

  5. @Anon : Right about what???
    and cmon.. at least post with some identity

  6. I have forgotten to remind you.

  7. @Anon : I am confused..
    I want the answers :

    1) Your Identity
    2) Remind me about what
    3) I am not right about what?

    Write a detailed comment explaining all the above three.

    Ohh Gosh I am talking like a Manager :)

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