Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~~Name Game~~

My H1B US Visa is getting initiated finally. Atleast thats what my PM Told me.. hope it works out.

Cat results are out.. (Well obviously i didnt give Cat).....
I am having a lot of health issues lately... I dont want to sit sick...
I like it when I am jumping around...

Today i just observed something...
In my office everyone uses the short forms.. when it comes to the names..
.. they will cut your name into two parts add one S to the first part
and here you go!!!!!!!!

For example... Shilpi ----> Shilps
Rakesh -- Raks
Deepal ---> deeps
and so on!!!!!!!
Quite funny actually

I am logging off... have to finish my tool...
Ila is going mad coz of me... he is putting more hours in this tool thing than me..
according to him "bench + girl" combination works...
I doubt that reason as he is a workohlic..

Be goood

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  1. "Bench + Girl" -> i sincerely pray that my PM and SPM read this post coz i can never put this as my short/long term goals during CRR discussion and get in some girls (not committed) into my account.

    Girls not committed - not that i wanna be committed. 8/10 times she talks about her bf. Girls we all know yr bf's are sweet,funny, smart,apples,orange,omlette ...crap. 2/10 times she talks about her dull love story...