Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am down with 101 fever... terrible cold.. and sore throat..
acute body ache.. Does life get worse than this??
Still sitting in the office and working hard :( ..
Well I dont want to take a leave as I am going on a long vacation...
tommorow is again my early morning shift... 6:30 am - 2:30 pm...
Just two tasks left for the day!!
Yesterday we had this grand party.. it was supposed to be Areez's surprise birthday party.. we Invited his friends..(Some of his friends were my ex roomies)..
Frankly speaking shifting with archana and deepal waS the best thing that I did in years...
Archana prepared the dinner and I made the sevaiya..
Karan is also going to poona This weekend... Lets see what I end up doing this weekend.. I am planning to play Pool... :)

Cant write anymore... I am toooo tired...
Catch ya all tommorow..

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  1. This is the first post i can recall, without the customary "~~~~" inthe heading :)... so i guess tht means somethin really is wrong with u!!! take care!!!