Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Chhole were delicious yesterday! Have pasted the snaps for your reference...
I know they are looking yummy...
Didnt do gymming in the morning.. will be going in the evening at the cost of bunking my french classes..

Just waiting for my visa to get initiated.. Well the main reason to go onsite is
to see the world around me.. and not to earn lots and lots of money...(offcourse mOney Matters but it cant be so important).

Tonights menu -- Thai Veg Curry
(yummy yummy -- will post the snaps tommorow :) )

just waiting for my delhi trip to materialize...
I am working this Saturday!! So that I can take a comp off on 1st Feb(My birthday)..
I dont want to sit like a show piece and entertain people on my birthday! thats why I am not going to the office...

Did I mention about my new fascination?????
Well it is Pool/snooker These days.. I have fallen in love with the game..
Last saturday Me, Karan, Archana and Areez went out for bowling..
and I was a total flop.. I dont know why...last to last week also when i went out with Gagan, Pankaj, Nameesh and Sanjeet for bowling I was a total flop.. anyway
I will seriously pursue my new hobby "Pool/Snooker".

Work is over... just waiting for 5:00 pm so that I can go to the gym....
You guys enjoy your day...


  1. that looks gross. I read some of your blogs....I want my four minutes back!!! But I can't stop reading...i will be back...I guess.

  2. the chole looks absolutely yummy!!!!! no matter wht whichever moron says... sour grapes! oh and about her posts, guess ppl need to brush up on their reading skills AND comprehension abilities.... its not for every TDH or John Doe tht comes along...

  3. Wish you were an Indian!!! You would have not have said "GROSS" then.. To each his own..
    And about you getting bored after reading my blog... well I guess you have got your lesson... so dont stop by !!!!! I am not here to entertain self proclaimed humourous people.