Thursday, January 10, 2008

~~Down The Drain~~


Finally I gave the Demo of my Tool to my Onsite PM (Who is in Chicago)..
It took her 3 minutes to thrash my effort of 30 days ...
A tool is supposed to reduce the work and not do the complete work but she doesnt understand this concept...
iT IS not possible to blindly automate every single thing..
Obviously I am feeling kind of low since then... This was my only chance of getting out of the project...
Life has different ways of screwing you...

These days I am really excited about the Vizag trip that I am planning.
(Proper Planning hasnt even started... :( ).. I just hope that I am not too late..
(My enthu drains out quickly if i dont channelise it).
My birthday is coming soon.. so just thought of going for a vacation..
(good excuse isnt it?)

Gagan is throwing his bday bash tommorow ---- > Firangi Pani...
(will def update you with that).
I hope I am in a better shape tommorow....


1 comment:

  1. Never worry whether your onsite PM likes that tool or not. There was a lot of learnability while we worked on that tool.

    Let us take the positives: learning and enjoying the power of VBA, getting a good friend..