Tuesday, January 29, 2008

~~Born in the USA~~

Hey... A very funny thing happened today!
I tell you these Americans are just tooo much...
My client had asked me to prepare an excel sheet
I was supposed to submit it yesterday...

So I sent her an email(with the attached MS Excel sheet) saying:

"Please find the excel sheet attached with the mail"

Today when I called up my PM she told me that Jan(My client)
escalated an issue cause I used the word excel sheet instead
of spreadsheet ...(Trust me I couldnt stop laughing!!!!)
Well I really dont know why do they prefer calling it a spreadsheet...
when Microsoft itself named it as MS Excel.

Reminds me of the song (God bless the USA)..

By the way.. I am working for a big major US account...
They are ranked number 2 in their Domain (No cmon cant reveal all this here )..

Frankly speaking I have nothing against Americans.. But sometimes the way they behave is totally crazy...Till this date I have worked with two American Clients..
One of them was way too coool... (Very Helping and appreciative)..

One of the side effects of working for an American account is it screws your style..
for example whenever I have to write a Date(apart from my project related work) .. I out of habit follow the mm/dd/yyyy convention which many people find really stupid..

Nothing much is happening in my life these days...
Things are pretty much under control except for my sickness...
Birthday is coming too(I gonna get Old .. Damn!)no plans as of now..
I might end up coming to the office :( (I so dont want to come).

I am missing Archana loads.. :( She is on a long vacation...
Deepal is planning to come down for a weekend (Yippie :))..

Will update you all later..


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