Tuesday, January 8, 2008

~~All about Relationships - II~~

hI... finally I am feeling okay.. slept for 10-11 hours yesterday..
Bunked my French class...

I think I did not tell you about my new flatmate.. well she is a cute lil kid..
2 years younger to me...

But I still miss Deepal a lot!

Just wrote down something after a loong time...
It is a very light hearted lovey dovey composition :)

Lets Drink Tonight to our Love
And holding to it
My heart still beats for you
and the chime has never rung so true....

Sometimes when I'm alone, I wonder
why my mind is so prone to wander...
what Is this your magic that I am under

Your Love shows me all the good things
I have heard "Love hurts..." Several times
I feel it's a good hurt as it feels like I'm alive.
I understand why they say love never ends

wear your heart up your sleeve and try me
And together we shall be, for all eternity
hand in hand, through joy and despair
Soulmates forever, through this life and Death's Lair

How is it??? I want your comments...
I was thinking about a friend today (No I wont name her.. I really dont think she reads my blog.. though I give her my blog address very religiously)..
She is pursuing her MS from Texas currently..
We were four inseperable friends till the time we were in the college.... and then lots of dirty Shit happened...
We stopped talking to Ms P.
Miss Texas left for her MS (Things (kind of) became awkward).

I exactly now know why people say "Ignorance is a bliss"..
It was a bliss for me (or rather us) atleast .. we all enjoyed our college..
it was fun hanging out with each other.. laughing at each others sick jokes...
midnight conversations... discussing personal things, sharing clothes,
bunking the college, endless nightouts, exploring the world around us...
Life was exactly like a teenage flick...
Till this date I dont hate Ms P even though she did quite a few nasty things.. and I also said many mean things to her for which I still feel sorry(all thanks to my impulsive behaviour).
But I miss Ms Texas a LOT!!! I want things to be normal in the future..

Lets see how my life goes...



  1. why so dull..
    hope u get over from these saddy saddy feelings.