Thursday, December 6, 2007


I know i do end up writing TGIF A lot. ..
But what to do I am just a bloody creature of Habit.... I love Fridays... There is something
very different about them..

1) they announce the arrival of the weekend.
2) Life is colorful on fridays.
3) Relaxed atmosphere in the office.

As I child I always hated Fridays.. because of the reason 1.. Weekends meant more studies... more homework..preparing for the monday tests.

Reason 2 and 3 I have experienced in the office life....(which becomes drab during the week.).

College life was fun. We used to wait for Saturdays and Sundays , those two days were reserved
for shopping ... Music ... Movies...Meeting relatives.. Night stays Freaking out.

Now also weekends are reserved for the same things except for the music...meeting relatives and the night stays ...

I miss I miss I miss I miss My life... It is not that I am depressed or something...
I always think that life was colorful and more vibrant before..

I think I always try my best to crib when it comes to my office life...

Want to write something.. will finish off my work fast and then compose something...

till then


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