Sunday, December 23, 2007

~~I Want~~~

I am going nuts!!!!!
Wow; I cannot believe how busy I've been during the day.
shopping shopping shopping.....
Pranoti is here.. and we have been shopping like anything.. life is good!!!!

Christmas is all around me .. I can see the x'mas effect... everything looks so beautiful!!! The shops are so beautifully decorated.
Karan is also enjoying at home..
I so want to go on a one month vacation.
I detest working. Call me lethargic, lazy, sluggish, languid… or whatever else you please, but the truth remains…

I want to go trekking..I want to see dolphins and polar bears in their natural habitats..
I want to see Europe.. I want to be rich(Okay money is not that important!!!)...

I was killing time by reading some blogs... I fail to understand how do people end up writing so well. Everything is so proper in their posts with no spelling mistakes and no grammatical errors.

Most of my thoughts come to me in weird situations (Ex : client calls, watching a movie...)
My mind is just wandering off. I think I should catch on my sleep...
Hope to write something tomorrow.
(Btw it is a nice feeling to be able to update my blog on the weekend...)
Bon nuit!


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