Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~~Relationships and all that- I ~~~

Do you believe in Online Relationships?

Yes ----- 1 (14%)

No ------ 6 (85%)

Can't Say ---0 (0%)

Poll closed .
Votes so Far --- 7

well thanks to all of you who voted..
I know it is a very common poll...
But i always wonder about the Online Relationships...
It kind of freaks me out... I dont think it is meant to work out ever!!!!!

Earlier the only way you could meet someone with whom you could explore some romantic possibilities was through introductions from common friends(Who were ready to help out !!!). You cannot rule out the chance encounters , meeting the man or woman of your dreams in a lift is something that only work in movies. It was all about networking and socialising. The people you would be able to date were the same people in your network, or your extended network.

But with the advent of the internet, things changed. These days, you could always meet someone through the many communication channels made possible by the internet.
Frankly it is generally a sense of loneliness ppl r tryin to get rid of..
People want to live in the fairytales..

Well anonymous chattin, in many ways, is similar to schizophrenia
You are a person who needs to talk to sumone to get all the frustration about somethin, anythin, out of You.
How can you deal with someone like that. I think it is a breeding ground for lies people lie about their age, about their looks, and about their personal histories. There are graver kinds of lies, even.

The point is: how would you be able to deal with these lies? Are they enough to shatter your alleged love? The thing is, we can never be sure about which is true, and which is fabricated. All we could rely on are their typed words.

Words: which are never spoken but only typed.

Well i think that by chatting and exchanging emails it only intensifies the mystery behind the other person.
And people take this sense of mystery as love which is wrong.

Love is much deeper than that. It does not rely on what you don’t know. Rather, it is based on what you know and appreciate and respect about the other person.

I know some of you might not agree with me...
but I had to write this... And the series will continue
Will post more later ...


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  1. bullseye! well-articulated! love at first sight, "you've got mail" type situations are best relegated to books and movies... Fiction lik tht might generate a sense of wonder, but practicality is the more essential neccesity in this life...