Wednesday, December 5, 2007

~~Life In General~~

Since Morning I am feeling really bright. (I hope the days goes well).

I think it has been really long since I have updated you all with my Gymming sessions.
In Pankaj's Words Gymming is going 'Bloody Awesome'.

Ohh I think You all dont know about Pankaj also..
well he is a very sweet guy I know him through karan (They are flatmates).
He just returned to india after his 1.5 years of ONSITE (London).

Coming back to my gymming ..
I have started bringing the variations in my workout....
I do everything now. Cardio is not my main focus anymore...
and I have been pretty regular over the last one month.
It is a good feeling...

Hemant has joined the office again..
Even though he has recovered fully from Dengue he is still looking really weak ...
I think good diet is what he really needs now...

Last night I had a goooood Dinner..
we went to this dhaba cum restraunt ---> Punjabi Rasoi..
and ate paranthas.. awesome paranthas... wish I was good at making paranthas.

A very old friend called up today. We spoke for 10 minutes and out of those 10 minutes
for 6 minutes we were just throwing the dice at each other by saying 'what else'.
It is not that I did not want to talk to her or something... But frankly I did not have
anything new to tell her.. I felt quite guilty also..
But was pretty much relieved when i got the call waiting alert...
(Will call her tonight and then will chat with her)...

Does it happen to you guys also???

People call .. you have nothing to talk about.. still you linger around...
and when the call ends you kind of feel guilty about the uninteresting chat??



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